Pre-Departure Checklist

Don’t leave home without getting the essentials in check 

Pre-Departure Checklist: An Essential Guide For You Because You Know The Feeling.  You are booked to depart in the next couple of weeks and you have that nagging feeling that you have forgotten to do something.  Here is your essential pre-departure checklist to ensure you are ready to depart on your dream holiday.

Your Passport

Most importantly our pre-departure checklist is essential to get the basics right from the start. So, you’ve probably already thought about making sure that you haven’t forgotten your passport, but you need to check the expiry date. Some countries require at least six months validity, and if you need to renew, make sure that you leave plenty of time, especially during peek holiday periods. Visa requirements can also change over time so don’t assume that it is the same as before if you are returning to somewhere familiar. 

You can check if a visa is required at

Pre-book and Save

Book in advance before getting to the airport for parking and holiday money. Even if you do so on the morning of your trip you’ll save. If picking up pre-booked currency, take the card you booked with and take note if you have to go to a particular pick up point to get your cash. 


One of the most important things to take from our pre-departure checklist is to Read up on your destination for up-to-the-minute issues that may effect your plans. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (, The US Bureau of Consular Affairs (, and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( are the best places to start.

Get Insured

Another important tip to remember from our pre-departure checklist is that Travel insurance is mostly health insurance, which is why the cost increases hugely when you get to retirement age. For travel insurance to be effective, every pre-existing condition must be declared, otherwise your policy could be worthless and you could end up with a very large bill. Also check that any activity you’re planning on undertaking will be included in the price. Check policy inclusion and exclusion and get a free no obligation quote.

Medical Matters

Start with a checkup at your doctors and dentist. It is much easier to deal with any potential issues before you hit the road. Try to go as far in advance as possible in case you need to take full courses of immunisations before you travel. You can usually get any necessary vaccinations at your local health clinic, though specialist travel health clinics can also be found in major cities around the world. 


If you are eligible, obtaining an international Student Identity Card (ISIC) or International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) before you go will save you money all over the place. for details of both of these. 

Travellers of any age can benefit from a Hostelling International Membership ( Senior travellers also qualify for travel discounts with some airlines and for ground transport in many countries. Sometimes flashing an ID card is enough, sometimes you need to use a local scheme. 

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