Flights to London from $959 Return (Sydney, Melbourne)

Garuda Airlines is having a sale on flights to London, UK.

Travel in Nov – Dec/18.

Some flights have a long stopover in Indonesia. You can get out for sightseeing or shopping as Australians do not need a visa.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

Melbourne to London Flights $959 Return.

Or fly Royal Brunei for $968 return
Depart Return
07/Nov 21/Nov $959 View Flight
09/Nov 23/Nov $959 View Flight
14/Nov 28/Nov $959 View Flight
16/Nov 30/Nov $959 View Flight
21/Nov 05/Dec $959 View Flight
18/Nov 30/Nov $959 View Flight
07/Nov 28/Nov $959 View Flight
09/Nov 30/Nov $959 View Flight
14/Nov 05/Dec $959 View Flight
08/Nov 23/Nov $985 View Flight

Sydney to London Flights $990 Return.

Depart Return
08/Nov 23/Nov $990 View Flight
10/Nov 25/Nov $990 View Flight
10/Nov 23/Nov $990 View Flight
08/Nov 25/Nov $990 View Flight
08/Nov 18/Nov $990 View Flight
10/Nov 18/Nov $990 View Flight
13/Nov 25/Nov $1017 View Flight
13/Nov 23/Nov $1017 View Flight
09/Nov 25/Nov $1020 View Flight
14/Nov 25/Nov $1020 View Flight


Flights to London – All Other Departure Cities.


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