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Japan Flights. Here’s a little about Japan. An intensely beautiful country home to many ancient castles however there are only 12 original structures remaining that have donjons or castle keep great towers. Two of the 12 castles are located in the popular tourist region of Kansai as well as ruins and reconstructions such as Osaka Castle and Shuri Castle in Okinawa. Japan is also renowned for its spectacular gardens designed around the zen concept and home to the country’s iconic cherry blossoms. The top three gardens in Japan are Mito’s Kairakuen, Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen, and Okayama’s Korakuen however Takamatsu’s Ritsurin Park is the largest and most popular with tourists. Of course no visit to Japan would be complete without visiting the 3776m Mount Fuji, Mount Aso’s calderas (some of the biggest in the world), the snow peaks of the Daisetsuzan national park, the powdering slops of the Japanese Alps in Hokkaido and Beppu’s hot springs.

Singapore Airlines are having a sale on flights to Tokyo and Fukuoka in Japan. Travel in Feb - May/18. Singapore Airlines is ranked number 2 in the World Airline rankings.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

Perth to Fukuoka Flights $671 Return.
26/Feb12/Mar$671View Flight
05/Mar19/Mar$671View Flight
19/Mar02/Apr$671View Flight
06/Feb01/Mar$671View Flight
23/Apr07/May$675View Flight
29/Apr13/May$675View Flight
03/May17/May$675View Flight
07/May21/May$675View Flight
30/Apr13/May$675View Flight
03/May16/May$675View Flight
Melbourne to Fukuoka Flights $704 Return.
05/Mar19/Mar$704View Flight
02/Mar16/Mar$704View Flight
01/Mar16/Mar$704View Flight
03/Mar16/Mar$704View Flight
03/Mar19/Mar$704View Flight
02/Mar19/Mar$704View Flight
01/Mar19/Mar$704View Flight
07/May21/May$708View Flight
23/Apr07/May$708View Flight
03/May13/May$708View Flight
Adelaide to Fukuoka Flights $711 Return.
07/May21/May$711View Flight
14/May28/May$711View Flight
21/May04/Jun$711View Flight
03/May13/May$711View Flight
30/Apr14/May$716View Flight
26/Feb12/Mar$716View Flight
05/Mar19/Mar$718View Flight
23/Apr07/May$747View Flight
06/Feb01/Mar$747View Flight
Sydney to Fukuoka Flights $718 Return.
26/Feb12/Mar$718View Flight
05/Mar19/Mar$718View Flight
23/Apr07/May$722View Flight
30/Apr14/May$722View Flight
07/May21/May$722View Flight
21/May04/Jun$722View Flight
03/May13/May$722View Flight
19/Mar02/Apr$729View Flight
18/Mar02/Apr$729View Flight
Brisbane to Fukuoka Flights $721 Return.
05/Mar19/Mar$721View Flight
26/Feb12/Mar$721View Flight
01/Mar16/Mar$721View Flight
01/Mar19/Mar$721View Flight
27/Feb19/Mar$721View Flight
26/Feb19/Mar$721View Flight
03/May17/May$731View Flight
03/May16/May$731View Flight
03/Mar19/Mar$731View Flight
03/May15/May$731View Flight
Hobart to Fukuoka Flights $759 Return.
30/Apr14/May$759View Flight
07/May21/May$764View Flight
14/May28/May$764View Flight
21/May04/Jun$764View Flight
26/Feb12/Mar$769View Flight
Canberra to Fukuoka Flights $774 Return.
05/Mar19/Mar$774View Flight
26/Feb12/Mar$774View Flight
03/May13/May$776View Flight
23/Apr07/May$780View Flight
07/May21/May$780View Flight
14/May28/May$785View Flight
21/May04/Jun$785View Flight
30/Apr14/May$790View Flight
Flights to Fukuoka - All Other Departure Cities.

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Perth to Tokyo Flights $678 Return.
26/Feb12/Mar$678View Flight
05/Mar19/Mar$678View Flight
19/Mar02/Apr$678View Flight
06/Feb01/Mar$678View Flight
21/Mar04/Apr$680View Flight
26/Feb11/Mar$692View Flight
29/Apr13/May$693View Flight
03/May17/May$693View Flight
07/May21/May$693View Flight
30/Apr13/May$693View Flight
Melbourne to Tokyo Flights $709 Return.
06/Feb01/Mar$709View Flight
27/May09/Jun$715View Flight
14/May24/May$717View Flight
11/Feb04/Mar$717View Flight
15/Jun26/Jun$718View Flight
14/Aug28/Aug$725View Flight
13/Aug28/Aug$725View Flight
07/May21/May$726View Flight
21/May04/Jun$726View Flight
11/Jun27/Jun$726View Flight
Sydney to Tokyo Flights $724 Return.
26/Feb12/Mar$724View Flight
06/Feb01/Mar$724View Flight
07/May21/May$733View Flight
21/May04/Jun$740View Flight
01/Jun15/Jun$740View Flight
15/Aug30/Aug$740View Flight
03/May13/May$740View Flight
02/May08/May$740View Flight
12/May26/May$741View Flight
01/Aug22/Aug$741View Flight
Brisbane to Tokyo Flights $727 Return.
26/Feb12/Mar$727View Flight
12/May26/May$732View Flight
01/Feb13/Feb$735View Flight
23/Jul07/Aug$737View Flight
28/May10/Jun$742View Flight
01/May13/May$743View Flight
09/May20/May$743View Flight
23/May03/Jun$743View Flight
25/Apr06/May$743View Flight
02/May13/May$743View Flight
Adelaide to Tokyo Flights $729 Return.
07/May21/May$729View Flight
14/May28/May$729View Flight
21/May04/Jun$729View Flight
03/May13/May$729View Flight
30/Apr14/May$736View Flight
26/Feb12/Mar$746View Flight
06/Feb01/Mar$786View Flight
Canberra to Tokyo Flights $779 Return.
26/Feb12/Mar$779View Flight
07/May21/May$794View Flight
14/May28/May$794View Flight
21/May04/Jun$794View Flight
23/Apr07/May$806View Flight
03/May13/May$808View Flight
06/Feb01/Mar$812View Flight
05/Mar19/Mar$837View Flight
Hobart to Tokyo Flights $782 Return.
30/Apr14/May$782View Flight
07/May21/May$782View Flight
21/May04/Jun$788View Flight
14/May28/May$795View Flight
26/Feb12/Mar$811View Flight
01/Mar14/Mar$826View Flight
Flights to Tokyo - All Other Departure Cities.

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